CITY FORM DESIGN - we are the exclusive representative of Italian companies on the Polish market:

METALCO  <br>•  Bellitalia  <br>•  CITY DESIGN

We invite all interested parties to cooperate with us architectural studios i designers, directly to us or via Landscape Architecture Associationwe are a supporting member.

We also invite you to our new headquarters located in Warsaw at ul. Fort Służew 1b / 10 in a historic, unique Fort 8.

It is here that meetings and conferences for our partners and clients with the participation of our Italian designers will be organized.



Metalco - is an Italian company founded in 1984.

Today it is one of the largest producers small urban architecture in the world.

The company also belongs to this group Bellitalia i CITY DESIGN.

The commercial success of METALCO is the result of continuous research and experience in the field of design, cooperation with the best designers and architects, and the use of the latest technologies and materials.

METALCO products are characterized by individual style and design, which, combined with excellent quality, distinguish them on markets around the world. All production and technological processes are carried out with respect for the principles of ecology and environmental protection.

We invite you to cooperation.

Small architecture


Bellitalia is an Italian company, part of the METALCO group, established in 1962.

Produces elements of urban architecture from all types of concrete, PDM, HPC, UHPC, granite and marble aggregate, as well as patented and patented ULTRATENSE CONCRETE.

It is a revolutionary raw material that allows you to create any form of very high strength and durability.

It is famous for its unique collections flower pots i benches, seats with unusual dimensions, weighing over 3,5 tons and a beautiful texture of natural granite or marble.

They are successfully sold all over the world as unique products due to advanced technological processes and design.

We invite you to cooperation.


City Design is an Italian company included in the Metalco Group next to BELLITALIA.

It complements the wide offer of two sister companies.

It is a young company whose collections are created by young designers, who give innovative ideas to their collections, being a great complement to the products of older, experienced colleagues from Metalco.

Its products are much more affordable while maintaining great design, quality and durability.

We invite you to cooperation.


August 31 2020

A modern playground allows for unrestricted and safe fun in the open air not only for children of all ages, but also for young people. Playing on swings and all devices placed on the playground, especially when carried out in the company of friends, is a great ...

17 May 2020

Currently, street furniture also includes tree covers. These functional and aesthetic elements can be made in a variety of materials. The trees present in the urban space are a guarantee of residents' health, rest and aesthetic feelings for people staying in the green surroundings. ...

12 May 2020

Misting systems used in the dry fog disinfection process can be used in a variety of places. Right now, when we are considering an effective way to disinfect rooms, such solutions are often taken into account by those responsible for health ...

6 May 2020

Disinfection stations / hand hygiene stations are a novelty in our offer as an element of small architecture. It is a solution that simplifies hand disinfection and waste disposal. Download catalogs and pricelist >> Washing and disinfecting hands are important activities that allow ...

April 15 2020

Small architecture is created by small architectural objects integrated into the city space or located on a private property, giving a specific character to a given place. Concrete pillars, modern benches, sheds, boards, flower pots, litter bins, bicycle stands, ...

31 March 2020

It is true that the profession of an architect is a freelance profession that can bring a lot of satisfaction and material benefits, but the way to start working as an architect is not simple or short. Apart from the obvious stage of study and intensive study, the aspiring architect must also ...