architect works in the planning and design of a building or structure. Architects are able to analyze the concepts or ideas of their clients and create unique construction projects based on them.

The work of an architect can vary: some specialize in the design of residential or commercial buildings, others focus on landscaping, urban planning, interior and greenery design. There is also a branch of architecture that deals with industrial facilities.

Below we take a closer look at two professions - interior designer and landscape architect. Each of them has its own specific characteristics and requires different skills and knowledge.

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Landscape architect

Landscape architects can beautify outdoor spaces, but they spend most of their time in offices creating and modifying plans, preparing cost estimates and meeting clients. However, this does not mean that landscape architects do not spend time in their workplaces or on the site where their project is being developed.

Most landscape architects work in the architectural and engineering industries. Some of them work for service companies dealing with landscape architecture.


Skills and competences of a landscape architect

In order to be successful, a landscape architect should have the following soft skills and personal qualities:

  • creativity - it will allow you to design beautiful outdoor spaces that will also be functional
  • active listening - this will allow you to understand the needs and desires of customers
  • verbal communication - the architect must be able to convey information to his clients
  • critical thinking - landscape architects need to make decisions and solve problems, and strong critical thinking skills will identify possible solutions and then evaluate them before choosing the best
  • computer literacy - technology plays a large role in this work, including software such as CADD for model preparation and Geographic Information Systems

Duties and responsibilities of a landscape architect

This work typically involves meeting clients, engineers, and architects and nurturing these relationships to outline possible solutions to problems and identify needs.

It is also important to consider environmental factors such as drainage and energy availability when working. No park will be created without the preparation of site plans and graphic representations of plans using computer aided design and production software (CADD). The landscape architect also prepares cost estimates and supervises the project budget. It is not necessarily a desk job.

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Interior architect

Design of residential buildings

Interior designers work closely with customers to identify their needs and wishes for a specific room or the entire home. In some cases, they provide design expertise for a new construction project. They also help to create one living space inside or outside the building. Most orders involve meeting clients several times, creating a design, and providing furniture options, paint samples, flooring, and lighting selection.


Commercial design

As with apartment design, commercial design follows the same process but on a larger scale. Commercial interior designers evaluate functionality, sustainability, customer brand image and business environment factors. Projects must meet customer budget and timing requirements. In some cases, commercial designers need to create a design that allows work to continue during installation.

Architect portfolio

A Portfolio is simply a document that conveys a professional story through image, text, composition and format. There are as many types of them as there are people practicing this profession. A portfolio can be completely digital, completely analog, or a combination of the two. Your company's Human Resources department may only require digital submissions, delivered through the web portal.

A good portfolio consists primarily of good projects. If there are more of them in the designer or architect's account, the better. Experience plays a huge role in this profession.

Collaboration matters

Architects design houses, buildings and other objects. These designs are used for new buildings, renovation, refurbishment and expansion of existing facilities. They also play a key role in the process of redesigning, renovating, and repairing degraded or damaged buildings, including protected buildings, settlements and monuments. The architect is involved in the entire construction process, from initial designs, drawings and proposal models, to changes based on customer requirements. The architect actively collaborates with other construction professionals throughout the project, providing critical input down to the finest detail, right through to final inspection and approval.

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How much does an architect earn?

Wages depend mainly on the place of employment and the level of experience. Newly skilled architects can perform a variety of deep work, such as drawing up projects, visiting project sites, and reporting to the architect responsible for the project.

As a self-employed architect you can count on a certain degree of freedom in terms of working hours and project selection. The amount of office work and actual design grows with increasing experience and confidence.

As experience grows and responsibilities change - so does salary. Therefore, it is difficult to say unequivocally how much an architect earns.

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