concrete posts

Concrete posts

Small architecture make up slight architectural objects blended into Urban Space or located on a private property and give a specific character to a given place. Concrete posts, modern benches, sheds, tables, flowerpots with flowers, litter bins, bicycle stands, tree covers and playgrounds enliven the space and make it unique, beautiful and functional.

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Concrete posts

Such elements are also concrete posts placed in the urban space and obstructing circular movement in a given area. They are a decoration and at the same time perform an important function, preventing parking in unsuitable places.

concrete posts

The variety of patterns allows the selection of such concrete posts that perfectly match the surrounding urban space.

The most commonly used posts are made of wood, steel and concrete.

Concrete fence posts, unlike wooden posts, are made of a very durable material that does not rot and is resistant to insect attack.

Concrete posts are strong and durable.

They are often used in farms, home gardens and yards, as well as in urban public spaces, for example as parking bollards or fencing.

Concrete fence posts are also an inseparable element of small architecture, not only in public spaces, but also on private properties.

A fence is said to perform its function well when it performs well fence poststhat make them up. The material from which they will be made allows you to determine their strength and application. Fence posts can be made of wood, metal, concrete or galvanized steel.

They differ in price, durability, ease of installation and aesthetics.

Although the bars Concrete they are very durable, their disadvantage is brittleness and frequent cracking. If water collects in the crack, it may freeze in winter and cause parts of the post to break off.

Some people prefer to use posts made of other materials, including: galvanized steel, metal or wood.

Concrete posts they are usually more expensive than their wooden counterparts, but do not require annual maintenance and impregnation.

The downside is that it's mediocre concrete post weighs up to 40 kg, which increases the cost of assembly, although on the other hand, concrete posts provide a really solid support.

Concrete bollards can be purchased at home improvement stores or directly from the manufacturer, which generally offers products with greater durability and less common design.

Concrete posts City Form Design

City Form Design concrete bollards are characterized by a modern design, and the high quality of these products is ensured by frequent checks of materials and technological processes.

Our company works with the best architectural studios and designers, which ensures the best style and functionality of the small architecture elements produced by it.

concrete posts

City Design is the exclusive representative of the Italian companies Metalco and Bellitalia in Poland.

Metalco offers a wide range of small garden and city architecture products made of steel and wood.

The offer includes elements of urban space, i.e. parks, streets, gardens and stations.

Metalco produces benches, street baskets, posts, information boards, tree covers, flower pots, bicycle racks and various types of street furniture, e.g. city deckchairs.

Bellitalia is one of the leading manufacturing companies concrete, marble and natural stone aggregatewhich are used to create elements of street furniture.

concrete posts

The company was founded in the 60s in Italy and is still distinguished by high-quality products, innovation and modern design.

BELLITALIA Srl produces elements of small urban architecture. There are profiled concrete benches, information boards, concrete and stone pots, fountains, posts restricting traffic on promenades and playgrounds, as well as concrete, stone or imitation stone litter bins, recognizable all over the world.

Bellitalia produces and sells hundreds of functional and elegant items, perfectly suited to any urban space.

To enrich the collection, new materials were added to the emerging projects: stainless steel, cast iron and wood in such a way that they match the concrete and create a completely new style.

In its production, BELLITALIA® also uses elements of precious stones and marble aggregate with a rich color and characteristic texture.

Today Bellitalia is a leader in the production and sale of street furniture. It uses materials such as different types of concrete (HPC, UHPC), reclaimed natural marble stones, granite aggregate, glossy concrete, wood and steel.

The materials for the production of concrete used by BELLITALIA® come from the surrounding Dolomites. This allows for low fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions for their transport.

Materials from Italian quarries are recycled and used to produce a conglomerate of precious stones.

Concrete produced in this way is a versatile, durable and recyclable material, so the number of re-uses is unlimited.

Ultratense Concrete

In 2015, BELLITALIA® developed an innovative formula Ultratense Concrete®.
It is a new material that allows you to create innovative and interesting objects used in urban public space.

Ultratense Concrete® is a registered trademark of Bellitalia only. It was developed in collaboration with scientists from the Faculty of Matter, Environmental and Urban Engineering at the University of Marche (SIMAU) and world-renowned design studios.

The innovative concrete material made with the use of the latest Ultratense Concrete® technologies is extremely plastic and thanks to its properties it can also be cast in molds.

UTC® is a material with excellent mechanical properties, which enables the production of products with very thin layers and a curved three-dimensional space.

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