disinfection stations

New on offer! Disinfection stations - hygienic for hands from METALCO

Disinfection stations / hand hygiene stations are a novelty in our offer as an element small architecture. It is a solution that simplifies the activities of hand disinfection and waste disposal.

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Disinfection stations

Washing and disinfecting hands These are important activities for the effective prevention of the spread of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, often present on the skin of the hands.

Especially in the current difficult period coronavirus pandemiceffectively conducted hygienic procedures and hand disinfection contribute significantly to the reduction of infections and the reduction of the spread of pathogens, and this not only in medical facilities, but also in shops, shopping malls, museums, industrial plants, cafes, hotels and restaurants, i.e. wherever there are larger groups of people.

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Frequent and thorough washing and disinfection of hands before entering closed public spaces, as well as during work, shopping and other activities lead to the effective removal of contaminants and pathogenic microorganisms from the surface of the hands.

Most viruses, including the coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19, is an RNA chain covered with a fatty membrane, which makes it easy to prevent its spread and disease by using chemicals such as soap and disinfectants.

World Health ORganisation recommends proper hand washing with soap and water for at least 30 seconds and the use of disinfecting preparations based on min. 60% alcohol.

Additionally, you can protect yourself against infection by using it disposable gloves, masks covering the nose and mouth as well disinfectant cloths the most used and touched surfaces.

The correct washing process and hand disinfection reduce the microbial flora present on the skin of the hands by means of chemical disinfectants.

Rubbing the disinfectant into the skin surface of the hands should take about 30 seconds and you should not forget about the appropriate amount of the preparation, as well as disinfecting hard-to-reach places on the hands, i.e. the space between the fingers.

Frequent washing and hygienic hand disinfection, despite the fact that they are essential for our safety, however, dry the skin of the hands, which may cause allergic reactions and skin inflammation. To reduce the negative impact of the disinfectants used on the skin of the hands, appropriate hand moisturizing preparations should be used.

For hand washing, use skin-friendly products.

Disinfectants Currently used for disinfection are preparations based on ethyl or propyl alcohol. The best ones also contain moisturizing substances.

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Metalco disinfection stations

The soap and disinfectant dispensers proposed by Metalco allow for non-contact dosing of an appropriate, high-quality disinfectant.

COLOMBO Full Station

disinfection stations

Hygienic stations (sanitary points) are practical and elegant solutions, suitable for use in any room.

Our devices are designed as hand sanitizer stations and at the same time a distribution point for materials useful in containing the spread of COVID-19, such as gloves, masks or cloths.

Disinfection stations are additionally equipped with a special internal steel containerthat performs functions waste bin.

Metalco disinfection stations are simple and intuitive to use systems that are perfect for public places and private spaces, such as offices, shopping centers, schools, gyms, restaurants and many more.

In addition, the disinfection station is an important support tool in meeting sanitary conditions in the workplace and in the individual protection of workers, in line with the ministerial protocol regulating measures to reduce the spread of coronavirus in the workplace.

The solutions used in the Metalco disinfection station allow for maximum simplification of the disinfection device operation, easy and hygienic waste disposal and make the stations practical and elegant, and also suitable for use in indoor spaces.

The waste container allows for hygienic collection and waste disposal.

COLOMBO Full Station

disinfection stations

The Matalco disinfection station set includes:

  • hand preparation dispenser
  • disposable gloves
  • masks
  • cloth

Dimensions of the disinfection station (version with feet):

H = 1437 mm, L = 408 mm, D = 356 mm,

Inner liner capacity: 60 lt

Weight: approx.28 kg

Construction of a disinfection station

Metalco disinfection machines are made of coated steel or stainless steel, with a front panel in one color, while side panels are available in 7 different colors.

COLOMBO Full Station - stainless steel version

These disinfection stations are designed for indoor use and are available in two versions:

  • with an external structure made entirely of stainless steel
  • with an external structure made of powder coated steel, with a front with a smooth finish

Thanks to the use of automatic disinfection machines in public places and premises of companies, institutions and workplaces, it is possible non-contact hand disinfection.

The basic module includes:

  • pre-positioned holes on the front wall
  • a compartment with a door lowered at the front and a handle for setting the necessary materials (tissues, disposable gloves, masks)
  • front door with two waste openings
  • spring lock
  • adjustable bottom

BERING The space saver

Disinfection stations

MAGELLANO The adaptable solution

Disinfection stations


Disinfection stations

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At the customer's request, the following additional elements can be delivered:

  • automatic dispenser
  • universal stainless steel handle
  • four ABS wheels, instead of adjustable feet

Disinfection station / CABRAL dispenser

Disinfection stations

It is a practical and elegant solution suitable for indoor and / or outdoor use.

The dispenser consists of an oval aluminum tube that acts as an 8 liter disinfectant gel reservoir and a die-cast aluminum that houses a stainless steel / chrome copper hand dispenser.

The self-supporting base is made of galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish such as a dispenser.

For use on the beach it is possible to insert a counter chamber, also made of aluminum, inside an oval tube with a layer of insulating material and a screw with a screw for positioning on the sand.

Disinfection stations

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