garden pots

Garden pots and their material - which one is the best?

The arrangement of the garden should be done with great care. However, even when the user does not have a large garden at his disposal, but only a small garden, or even a balcony or terrace, it can also create a piece of green space. Its basis will then be garden potswhose choice is enormous.

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Garden pots

Which pots for the garden to choose, taking into account their material or size?

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Types of garden pots

Garden pots are available in a very wide range of choices. They differ in shape, size and material, so it all depends on the idea of ​​space arrangement. If the pots are divided according to their material, the following are taken into account:

Wooden garden pots

Wooden garden pots - as is well known, wood is a natural material, thanks to which wooden garden pots will fit any garden or terrace without exception. After all, it is also an interesting styling and versatility. Therefore, wooden garden pots will perfectly fill the space with wooden, rattan or techno-rattan benches and armchairs, as well as fit into a less classic space.

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Concrete garden pots

garden pots

Concrete garden pots - concrete garden pots are most often used in public spaces. However, they can also be placed in home gardens, balconies or terraces. Importantly, from the point of view of use, concrete garden pots are heavy, and therefore on the one hand resistant to wind gusts, and on the other hand difficult to move. If these are small spaces, they can also overwhelm with their appearance. Then it is worth investing in concrete garden pots with streamlined shapes, or pots only imitating concrete.

Plastic garden pots

Plastic garden pots - this type of pots is mainly characterized by a low price. In addition, it is a huge range of products (including large and small plastic garden pots, low and high garden pots, modern and classic garden pots). Most often they are light and therefore easy to carry. On the other hand, they are easily knocked over by gusts of wind, so - especially large plastic pots - it is worth adding additional weight. A hole in the bottom of the plastic pot will also be useful, which will ensure proper hydration of the plant planted in it.

Ceramic garden pots

Ceramic garden pots - undoubtedly, ceramic garden pots (large and small) are one of the most frequently used pots, as they constitute an interesting type of arrangement. They are easy to move and additionally they are resistant to weather conditions. More importantly, in terms of the care of plants, they ensure proper air circulation. Unfortunately, ceramic garden pots are not very durable and easy to break, for example when moving or carrying.

Stone garden pots

Stone garden pots - extremely elegant and exclusive, but expensive garden pots, which are more often used in public places (e.g. in cemeteries). The material for the stone pots can be granite or marble.

Metal garden pots

Metal garden pots - metal pots are usually relatively small products, often using aluminum or galvanized steel, which protects them against corrosion. In addition, they are frost-resistant garden pots that can be left outside all year round. They should be treated as modern garden pots.

Technorattan or rattan pots

Technorattan or rattan pots - excellent flower pots for styling gardens, balconies, terraces and gazebos in a modern style. They offer a wide selection in terms of shape and size that can serve as a cover for the right pot of a different material. The difference between rattan and poly rattan is, among other things, resistance to moisture and sunlight. Of course, poly rattan looks better in this respect.

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Or maybe decorative city pots?

The choice of pots for gardens is huge, especially since in some gardens you can bet on original, one of a kind city ​​pots. In this case, these are usually pots with large or at least medium dimensions, so they will work well in larger spaces, although it is not a rule. Properly selected city flower pots will surely beautify the garden and add color to it.

As a rule, it is a traditional, minimalist form, thanks to which it will perfectly fit into the arrangement of the garden, especially in a modern style. What's more, on the one hand, they are decorative pots, on the other hand, practical with additional functions:

  • table,
  • seat,
  • glowing flower pots.

In this way, they combine aesthetics with practical function. The pot will serve as a place for flowers, shrubs or miniature trees, as well as a table, seat, or after dusk it will mark communication routes in the garden.

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Which garden pots to choose?

So it is clearly visible that there is a very large selection of garden pots on the market, so everyone should find something just right for their garden, balcony or terrace. It all depends on the arrangement of the space, for example on the traditional, modern or avant-garde style. Some will choose wood pots, others will choose metal or stone pots. Small pots are recommended for the balcony, but large garden pots will be suitable for a larger terrace. Also note that each of the pots can be freely decorated, for example by more and more common handicrafts, casings, and even painted.

For many, the price is certainly also the selection criterion. This does not mean, however, that you should bet on cheap garden pots. Sale (e.g. on City Form Design) is a good opportunity to buy good pots made of high-quality material at attractive prices. This way you can save a lot, by buying cheap garden pots made of concrete, and even exclusive stone pots.

Another selection criterion are the plants that the user wants to plant in the green space of his garden, terrace or balcony. They do not always have to be large garden pots. Smaller, Hanging pots will work well with climbing plants and rhizomes. In bigger ones even shrubs and dwarf trees can be grownand in oblong pots of all kinds Herbs.

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