Park benches

Park, city and garden benches

Park benches they are an indispensable element small urban architecture. From the point of view of utility functions, they are used for sitting, but taking into account spatial planning, they are urban furniture. Parks, squares, gardens, streets and city stops are furnished with benches.

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In a broader sense, benches are the most commonly used element of small architecture not only in parks and gardens. We can also find benches in stadiums, in front of amphitheater stages, at school fairs, in churches, in cemeteries and in many other places.

City benches are an oasis for legs tired of a long walk, as well as an opportunity to stop for a moment, which can be an occasion for love confessions. Less poetically speaking, city benches are simply the most important garden and park furniture, without which it is difficult to imagine the surroundings of the playground, the interior of the city garden, the area of ​​the backyard pond or any other public space.

We use park benches by sitting in the sun in the flower garden, enjoying a conversation with a friend in the park, reading a book by the pond or watching a child happily enjoying the attractions of the playground. Were it not for the park benches, the city space would be much poorer and much less functional.

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City park benches

There are many types of city benches. Their types can be distinguished due to their destination, construction, materials used for their construction, as well as style and design.

Due to the arrangement or purpose, we can distinguish street benches, most often called city benches, park benches and garden benches.

Due to the construction, that is, the structure, it stands out benches without backrest or benches with backrest. Benches standing on four or more legs, and also permanently connected to the ground with their entire surface.

Due to the type of construction and finishing material, park benches are divided into cast iron benches, steel benches - benches made of steel bars, concrete benches, benches made of reinforced concrete prefabricated elements, stone benches or plastic benches.

Due to the style and design, we can distinguish dozens of different types of park benches. The simplest breakdown includes modern benches and traditional benches, most often modeled on the style of a given era or adapted to the surrounding buildings and other elements small urban architecture.

The best park benches

What to consider when choosing a park bench? There are many criteria. Below we present the most important of them.

Cheap park benches? Price

As with any type of purchase or investment, product price is always one of the selection criteria. In this case, the price of park benches depends largely on the materials the bench is made of, as well as its dimensions. Cheap park benches are most often steel bench structures. The smallest ones will be the cheapest. The larger the bench, the more materials are used to produce it, so the price also increases.

Safe city benches

Above all, the bench must be safe for adults and children. Its structure must be reliable and durable so that the safety of using this street furniture does not decrease with use.

Although there is no official Polish standard that would directly apply to park benches, there are similar requirements that should be applied when designing and constructing park benches. The PN-EN 1176 standard for playground equipment is most often used.

Durability of park benches

Furniture left in the public space is exposed to vandalism. Therefore, park benches often have an anti-vandal system. It is an extension of the bench that is buried in the ground, which prevents the bench from being moved, stolen or any other form of displacement devastation.

Bench with a garbage can

Often an inseparable element of park benches is a litter bin. It can be integrated with the bench as its element. It can be a separate element of small architecture, but then it should be carefully selected and visually consistent with the bench design.

Additional equipment

Park benches can also be equipped with tables, regiments and many other elements. They provide a place for luggage, purse or backpack. They allow you to rest the book comfortably, place some items or eat a meal in conditions similar to those in a restaurant. In the parks, the benches are sometimes accompanied by tables that are a place to play chess, checkers or other games. The benches can have integrated lighting in the form of a lamp. They can be part of an arbor, a fountain, a sculpture or a flower bed. Today only the imagination limits the designer!

Cast iron park benches

The alloy of carbon and iron is cast iron. It is considered the most durable construction material that is used in the production of city benches. Cast iron racks can take many forms and shapes. They have fancy decorations and unusual leg fittings. Such designed benches will work almost anywhere, because you can freely shape their appearance. A cast iron bench is an urban piece of furniture that will work well in a park, garden and square.

Cast iron park benches, after forming the structure, are powder coated, thanks to which the frame is pleasant to the touch, and its surface is smooth and resistant to corrosion.

Another advantage of cast iron park benches is their weight. Such park benches are so heavy that they remain extremely stable even without the need to anchor them to the ground. Children jumping on the backrest will not easily overturn such a heavy structure, and even vandals may refuse to do evil deeds.

Wooden park benches

The benches made entirely of wood look very impressive. This natural building block gives them character and nobility. Unfortunately, as is the case with wood, it requires periodic maintenance. They need to be painted and renewed regularly. Take care of protection against unfavorable weather conditions.

park benches

Wood park benches should also not be placed directly on the ground, sand or grass. They should not come into contact with permanently or regularly wet ground. They are ideal for roofed places and those with a hardened and drained surface.

Metal park benches

Universal, modern city benches? Or maybe a bench for a private garden? On the terrace? Metal benches come to the rescue. Various metal alloys are used for their frames, most often durable, durable and light. An example of this type of building material is aluminum.

Metal benches have a modern design. One of their advantages is their low weight. Such benches are much more convenient to move from place to place. They can work well as a seat for viewers of an outdoor performance or a garden piece of furniture that will change its position more often, e.g. depending on the season.

Concrete and stone park benches

A park or city bench does not have to have boards, traditional backrest and legs. It can be a concrete cast, freely formed or carved in stone. These types of benches are heavy, require no maintenance and are virtually indestructible. They can be a part of stairs, a fountain or a flower bed. They blend in perfectly with other elements of small architecture.

Another popular solution is combining many elements. A bench with a wooden backrest and seat can have massive concrete legs. It all depends on the investor's expectations and the designer's imagination.

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