Metalco playground

Modern playground allows unrestricted and safe fun in the open air not only for children of all ages, but also for young people.



Fun on swings and all devices placed on the playground, especially when held in the company of colleagues, is a great way to spend free time, and at the same time supports the psycho-physical development of a young person.

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Children's playgrounds we can meet not only at schools and kindergartens, but also in parks and home gardens, because it has been known for a long time that playing with peers in the open air allows for better social and motor development of a child, develops its creativity and shapes dexterity.

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designing manufacturer playgrounds however, it must take care not only of attractive and colorful equipment, but also of the reliability of the equipment. That is why it is so important to choose the space where children play, be it a city park or a home garden certified playgrounds.

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garden playgrounds Metalco companies allow you to play safely outdoors thanks to the interesting and functional equipment that creates this playground. These are all kinds of swings intended for one or more people, ladders, sometimes merry-go-rounds, slides and any climbing device.




Garden playground should ensure the safety of play on all these devices, which must be adapted to the age and physical abilities of users.

Devices and toys intended for the youngest children are small, colorful and low-mounted to facilitate their use and ensure safety, even for the less dexterous children. Playgrounds for the garden, where older children play, provide more emotions and guarantee great fun on slightly more complicated devices. For quite large users, the difficulty level is already very high, so that young people not only practice agility, but also develop strength and endurance.

Children's playgrounds arranged in the garden, they are often enriched with balancing and playhouses placed at a height. In addition to all play equipment, you should also remember about a safe surface that will absorb a possible fall. When arranging the playground, it is also worth taking care of a place where you can put chairs and a table so that the children can eat while playing or rest in the shade.

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Playground equipment designed by Metalco, a world leader small architecture They are characterized by a modern design and ergonomic shape, as well as interesting colors and adequate durability, which ensures excellent and safe play.

designing manufacturer playgrounds for children it must necessarily take into account the age of children for whom it creates a place to play and create a place for parents or guardians who look after children during play.

Arranging functional playground for the garden it can contain devices intended not only for children and adolescents, but also for adults and active seniors. In such a place, each family member can find something for themselves and not only have fun, but also take care of their health and physical condition, and all this can be done outdoors and in the company of their loved ones.

Devices designed by Metalco, creating garden playgrounds, are made of aluminum and colored plastic. Such an interesting and innovative combination of materials allows you to create fanciful shapes of structures intended for play. The garden playground allows the whole family to have fun, because not only children, but also adults, are eager to participate in outdoor games.

It should be remembered once again that the playground must ensure the safety of children playing on it, so it is worth choosing playground with a certificate.

The design of the playground for the garden is a must take into account the age of the children playing on it, topography, sunlight, the visibility of children from the windows of the house and the safety zone of all devices on the playground. In addition to solidly mounted devices, a safe surface that absorbs falls is also important.

Modern playground for the garden is an investment that not only allows the child to have great fun, but also increases his physical fitness, so it is important that the playground guarantees maximum safety for children playing on it.

Therefore, it is worth choosing the right designer and manufacturer of equipment placed on the playground, ensuring compliance with the applicable health and safety standards.

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