Small urban architecture

Small urban architecture

Small architecture is a group of small buildings that significantly affect the perception of space by its users.

It is through the use of carefully selected elements of small architecture that the developed area takes on character, expression and, above all, becomes functional.

Small architecture affects the surrounding space, along with vegetation and buildings, contributing to the creation spatial order.

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Small architecture

Small architecture

Small urban architecture becomes what distinguishes cities.

Next to the most characteristic object, monument or place, carefully designed small architecture it may become what will be most remembered by tourists.

Small urban architecture

It will be associated with a given city. It will distinguish them on the national and international stage.

Small architecture

Small architecture

Small architecture

Today, leading, modern metropolises compete with each other and are called the most attractive not only for tourists, but also for residents, for whom the shape of public space is undoubtedly of great importance.

Small architecture

Well designed benches, sheds, tables, flower pots and elements playgrounds can successfully revive the neighborhood, breathe new spirit into it, make it unique and expressive.

Small urban architecture

Small architecture

As a result, residents and tourists will be more likely to visit it.

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Small urban architecture - functions

Properly selected elements of street furniture, in an almost invisible way, help to maintain and adjust the utility functions of the space.

Elegant examples can be such postsobstructing circular or chunky traffic flowerpots with flowers.

Small architecture

At the same time, they are a decoration and prevent cars from parking in a forbidden city or restrict access to the promenade.

Small architecture

Another example of this type are tree covers, which at the same time protect their bark, limit damage, and constitute specific decorations.

However, street furniture is above all park and street furniture.

These include various types benches.

Small architecture

Small architecture

Small architecture

Small architecture

The wide range of solutions allows the use of elements perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape.

The most popular are wooden benches, but more and more often there are steel benches, in any color and shape, as well as ingenious concrete benches, almost resembling a sculpture.

wooden benches

wooden benches

In addition to benches, users of urban space will surely enjoy using deckchairs, which fit perfectly not only on the boulevard, by the beach by the water, but also in the park, facing the sun's rays.

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City Form Design

The company is the leading distributor of modern street furniture products City Form Design.

It works directly with architectural studios and designers, in order to choose the best style and functional features of small architecture elements.

Moreover, it supports Landscape Architecture Association, through direct cooperation, as well as providing the latest solutions and products.

City Forum Design is the exclusive representative of excellent Italian companies in Poland - Metalco, Bellitalia and City Design.

Metalco - steel and wood

Small architecture

Small urban architecture is a topic that the Italian company knows very well Metalco.

It offers a wide range of products, mainly in the following categories: small garden architecture and little urban architecture.

Metalco's offer includes excellent ones solutions for stylish and functional development of parks, streets, gardens and stations.

Metalco produces park benches, garden benches, city benches, station benches - both wooden and cast iron benches.

In addition, the assortment of this company includes street baskets, posts, information boards, tree covers, flower pots, bicycle stands, lawn barriers and various types of street furniture: deckchairs, suitable for the pier, the boulevard, as well as for the park or city garden.

Bellitalia - concrete and stone elements

Bellitalia is one of the leading European manufacturing companies urban concrete aggregate and natural stone, known for its solutions for small architecture and landscape architecture.

The company has been operating for over 40 years, distinguishing itself by high-quality products, innovation and modern design.

Street furniture in projects Bellitalia companies are primarily profiled concrete park, garden and city benches. Dormitory benches are often one effective cast, creating a specific sculpture.

Moreover, Bellitalia offers numerous concrete and stone pots, not only for single flowers or flower beds, but also for ornamental trees.

In addition, Bellitalia specializes in in the creation of fountains, posts separating or limiting traffic on promenades and playgrounds, as well as solid rubbish bins made of concrete, stone or imitation stone.

City Design - modern design

Small garden architecture, stop boards, information boards in fashionable colors.

Park benches eye-catching with modern design. Decorative elements, flower pots, dustbins, bus shelters, or restraining posts road traffic are just some of the company's urban landscape architecture products City Design.

The high quality standard of City Design products is ensured by continuous controls of materials and technological processes.

In this way City Design is able to guarantee you high durability of its products, as well as compliance with standards, safety, ecology, aesthetics and user comfort.

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