Tree covers

Tree covers

Now small urban architecture that too tree covers. These functional and aesthetic elements can be made in a variety of materials.

The trees present in urban space is a guarantee of residents' health, rest and aesthetic feelings for people staying in the green surroundings. Trees purify the air, produce oxygen, lower the ambient temperature on hot days, increase air humidity, improve water management and reduce city noise and wind strength.

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However, in order for them to grow and develop properly, they must be protected against harmful events that could damage them.

That is why tree covers are used more and more often, which are perfect not only in parks and in squares, but also on promenades and in city centers.

The covers protect the trees from animals, pedestrians and cars driving over them.

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Tree covers and metal and cast iron tree grates

Tree covers and grates for metal and cast-iron trees create decorative protection for plants located not only in urban space, but also in gardens.

They are produced in various sizes and shapes.

The cast iron tree covers have fancy and modern designs to suit any urban and suburb space.

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Tree guards intended for their protection can be horizontal or vertical.

The covers, designed as horizontal, i.e. tree grates, protect the root system of the tree against any mechanical damage, while ensuring a free flow of water.

Vertical tree covers they perform protective and aesthetic functions, ensuring free growth of plants without threats from passers-by, vehicles or animals.

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The appropriate style of the used tree covers makes them an element of small architecture decorating urban space.

Functional and elegant metal covers for trees are an extremely desirable protection for trees, and thanks to their modern shapes and colors, they become an ornament of public spaces.

Tree covers to small architecture, which successfully exists in urban development, where urban greenery has been used in a limited space, as a natural decoration in the composition of shopping and communication routes.

Metal covers for trees are aesthetic solutions that protect urban vegetation, but at the same time allow free flow of water to the root system.

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The trees in the city are particularly vulnerable to damage, not only chemical damage, caused by, for example, excessive car exhaust fumes, but also mechanical damage. So they require special care. Therefore, in places with limited space and heavy vehicle and pedestrian traffic, urban green areas should be specially protected. A suitable tree cover protects the plant not only against vandalism, but also against other factors.

Horizontal grilles and vertical covers made of cast iron and metal are extremely resistant to external factors and mechanical damage, so they perfectly protect trees. Elements of tree covers, appropriately matched to trees and urban spaces, are an additional decoration of the place.

The traditional or modern form of tree and grill covers fits perfectly into the character of a given urban space.

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Vertical tree guards are also used in home gardens and orchards, where they effectively protect fruit trees against damage caused by animals gnawing the bark or leaves of trees. Fruit tree covers they are therefore as necessary as in cities, because they ensure plant safety in gardens and nurseries.

Sometimes wild game or lawn mower blades damage trees irreversibly, especially the youngest specimens. Appropriate tree covers will allow them to grow calmly.

Tree covers with small holes will prove themselves especially well in winter, when hares and deer are looking for food and are eager to nibble at trees in gardens. Such covers will provide the tree with adequate ventilation and light, and at the same time prevent animals from damaging the tree trunk.

In order not to damage the roots of fruit trees and ornamental shrubs during mowing, it is worth using tree covers that cover the roots and block the growth of grass around the trees.

Tree covers

Tree covers have become a frequent element of protecting garden plants and urban green areas against mechanical damage. In addition to the covers, various types of tree grates are used to protect the tree's root system against damage and ensure water access to the tree.

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